Around the world, in all climates, for a whole year. It’s the toughest racing there is.

WRC is one of the toughest challenges there is for drivers and teams. Thirteen rallies in as many countries – from the mountains of Argentina to the Swedish winter landscape. All rallies are unique and make extreme demands of drivers, teams and cars. The rallies take place over two to four days and are followed by over two-hundred thousand spectators on location and by close to a billion viewers on TV and the Internet. It’s a sport that engages globally. Rally Sweden, being the only winter event and therefore unique in it’s kind, is of course a challenge a notch over the ususal. Here drivers and cars also face cold, snow and ice. Rally Sweden is made up of 21 special stages and the rules are simple – the fastest driver wins. The time from all the special stages, which vary in character and length, is combined and the driver with the fastest time wins – just like that.

More than WRC

WRC is of course the major event, but not the only event in Rally Sweden. In addition to the WRC event, there are two sub-groups, WRC 2 and WRC 3, taking place. Also, there will be a demonstration showcasing a historic rally on several of the special stages, in connection with the Super Special stage race. Here you will have the opportunity to revisit classic rally cars in their natural environment. Porsche, Saab 93 and Audi Quattro, these are just a few examples. Rally nostalgia is at its best. Welcome to Rally Sweden.