Do not miss a second of Rally Sweden by following every little event through all the communication channels that keep you updated during the rally.

News directly from the Rally HQ; traffic info, results and festival updates. Out in the forest you get quick access to the very latest Rally news via our live feed on Select the news you are interested in, or follow your favorite driver at all the stages. To make it easy for you we made it with as low bandwidth as possible.


Most likely you are checking posts Facebook, and so are we. Through our Facebook page, you’ll get news, images links and tips that will bring you closer to the rally.


Up to the minute news from us as well as thousands of other rally enthusiasts can be found on Twitter in super short messages of up to 140 characters. Please check out our account and which we follow, you will discover the rally in new ways.

On WRC’s website you will find all the news you may have about the rally circus. During the rally weekend, you can also find the latest results and listen to their Internet radio broadcasting live.

SVT play

Watch live streams and highlights from Rally Sweden on SVT Play and on the evening the recap on SVT1 and SVT2.