Rally Sweden 2014 is in the books

It´s over. It´s done. It´s in the books.
Rally Sweden 2014 has crossed the finish line.

When all numbers were on the board it was Jari-Matti Latvala that came away with his third Rally Sweden win after a cool, controlled and truly impressive driving all trough the rally. Latvala was closest followed by Andreas Mikkelsen, aka ´The handsome one´, who gets his first podium position in WRC. In third place we have a second fast flying Norwegian, Mads Ostberg, who pushed his fellow compatriot all the way to the finish line.

Day 3 started out as a race between Latvala and Mikkelsen for the top spot, but after the latter one had a little too much close contact with the snow Latvala got a comfortable time difference down to second place and were able to focus on not making any big mistakes during the final stages.

In WRC 2 Day 3 seemed to be an easy ride for Al Rahji but it aint over until the fat lady sings.
being forced to stop on the road in the middle of the day, both Ketomaa and Kruuda suddenly were in the race for the title. When Al Rahji once again got into problems he suddenly found himself out of the race for the win and the last stage came to be an extremely close and thrilling battle between Ketomaa ond Kruuda.
With just a few seconds separating them in the end it was Kruuda who finally came out on top, securing his first ever win in WRC2.

It´s been a really interesting days of three with high intense racing, incredible fans and a lot of fun.
Now we´re already looking forward to next year; it really can´t come around early enough.

Thanks for your support and we´ll see you back here in 2015.

The complete list of the final standings is found on WRC.com

Petter Solberg Wins Rally Sweden Historic

Petter Solberg is the winner of Rally Sweden Historic 2014

He won the event in 2013 and was the man to beat this year. But that didn’t happen and Petter is again the winner.

He wins 41.9 seconds before Arne Rådström and a comfortable 3:54.2 minutes before third Mats Myrsell.

Petter Solberg and his co-driver and wife Pernilla have had smooth sailing and made good times on all stages with several stage wins.

All the results here

“Tough” and “difficult” the words of the day

Even though it came as no surprise for anyone Day 2 came to be a really challenging one for all the drivers.
A long day with a total of nine stages comes to an end after a lot of action in many different ways and not without it´s share of casualties.

Just ask reigning champion Sebastien Ogier who came out on top of the pack yesterday just to find himself ending up in the snow, loosing the lead and much more already on the first stage of the day.
Of course a worst case scenario for Volkswagen, even though they still have their remaining cars in first and second.
Even worse for Hyundai who had both of their cars ending up stopping on the side of the road, not being able to continue.

With Ogier out of the picture when it comes to top positions the race for the top spot between Mikkelsen and Latvala was, to say the least, intense and exciting all through the day.
With Latvala ahead with as little as 3.6 seconds before the final day it sure promises to be a close race all the way to the finish line.

Top three reads Latvala, Mikkelsen and Ostberg, but don´t forget the others chasing from behind.
This is not over. Not by a longshot.

In WRC2 Al Rahji is still in front, extending the lead during the day, followed by Ketomaa and Kruuda in second and third.

Final day tomorrow and, as already said, it will be a close race all the way to the end.
Be sure you don´t miss out.

Starting list for tomorrow is up on our Virtual Noticeboard.
Start List for Section 7 – Saturday 8th February 2014

No Historic cars on Karlstad SSS tonight for safety reasons

Due to the ruts that has formed in the ice on the stage it has been decided to cancel the appearance of the Rally Sweden Historic cars on Karlstad SSS 2.

The ruts are quite deep at places, and as many of the historic cars do not have the same grip or stability as the WRC cars the risk of accidents is too high. Given that it is such a short stage that should not normally have such a big impact on the standings in the rally.

The Historic cars will end the day in Hagfors and start again tomorrow with SS 17 Hara 1

SVT Broadcasting times

SVT (Swedish Televison) Broadcasting times for today are as follows:

16.10 – 17.10 After Rally (SVTPlay)
23.00 – 23.30 Day 3 Summary (SVT2)

Don´t miss out.

Historic first after the first day of Rally Sweden

The first day of Rally Sweden is over and we have a first time event. Because it’s the first time the same manufacturing team holds all the top three positions.

Representing Volkswagen Motorsport, Sebastien Ogier, Andreas Mikkelsen, and Jari-Matti Latvala ends the first day of Rally Sweden with the troika holding first, second and third position respectively.

Ogier och Mikkelsen has traded the lead position during the day, with Latvala chasing close behind. It’s been a day of making tactic tire choices and keeping a steady pace. Mikkelsen chose to keep his worn tires for the last stage and lost the first position to Ogier, but will start day 2 on fresh tires and from a chasing position.

Jari-Matti Latvala has been trailing the duo all day and ended 12.2 seconds behind Ogier.

Behind the Volkswagen trio Estonian Ott Tänak in a Ford Fiesta is chasing close behind with just 2,6 seconds up to Latvala. Tänak in turn is chased by Mads Östberg in a Ciroën and Mikko Hirvonen in a Ford who are tied 7,7 seconds behind him.

Close behind we find both the Hyundai Motorsport cars with Thierry Neuville and Juho Hänninen trailing a mere ten seconds behind.
The first day gave us two fairly short stages and only one longer forest stage, all run twice. The second day will see more and longer forest stages and likely a lot of changes in the current positions.

You can find the entire list at wrc.com

INFO: Changes at Färjestadstravet

There have been some changes to the program for SS 16 on Färjestadstravet Friday Evening.

Below you find the new program:
16.00 The arena opens
18.30 Start of the show
19.00 First heat WRC
20.00 Reb Bull FSX/FMX Show
20.30 Rally Sweden Historic

(The start of Rally Sweden Historic have been changed from 17.00 to 20.30).

Day 1 – Summary

We´re finally underway and day 1 has come to an end.
After an exciting showdown on SS1 we have Andreas Mikkelsen on top of the pack going in to day 2.

It promises to be an exciting day tomorrow.

The fans chose their dream-heats

When Rally Sweden starts tonight with the Karlstad Super Special Stage the crowd will enjoy extremely tough duels – which they chose themselves.

We asked the fans which drivers they would like to see face-off and the suggestions have been pouring in. From these we have created the evening’s heats.

In the top duels we find reigning World Champion, Frenchman Sebastien Ogier versus former formula-one star Polish Robert Kubica, Norwegian top driver Andreas Mikkelsen versus reigning Junior World Champion Swedish Pontus Tidemand, Finish showdown between Jari-Matti Latvala and Mikko Hirvonen, Norwegian talent Mads Östberg versus the experienced Czech Martin Prokop and new manufacturer driver Belgian Thierry Neuville versus British talent, and third in Monte Carlo, Kris Meeke.

Read the entire list here